Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate is needed before any residential property is sold, leased or rented. An EPC is a record of the actual and potential energy saving aspects of a particular property. The property is assessed using the UK's Standard Assessment Procedure. Its performance is rated in terms of energy use per sq metre of floor area. Energy efficiency is based on fuel costs and environmental impact based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Click on the image below to download a sample Energy Performance Certificate


How Much Will It Cost?       -     from £75.00


The resulting EPC will provide you with clear information on the energy performance of the property and cost effective means for improvement. We are happy to discuss these recommendations with you.


What Areas Do We Cover?

Milton Keynes and surrounding area


Nationally - when ordered in bulk or with Commercial EPCs


What things are checked during the EPC?

  • The construction of walls and floors

  • How the walls are insulated e.g. Cavity Wall Insulation

  • The depth of any roof insulation

  • How many windows, if any, are double/triple glazed

  • Details of the boiler, heating controls and hot water cylinder

  • Any other formsof heating

  • Any renewable energy systems e.g. PV or solar panels

  • The number of low energy light bulbs

  • Documentation relating to any extensions/alterations if applicable

  • Insulation warranties and/or guarantees


The surveyor will require access to:

  • Every room in the property

  • The loft

  • Electricity and Gas Meters

  • The boiler, if you have one

  • The hot water tank, if you have one


Sample Domestic EPC